Chevron Nigeria Nsiko Pre-FEED Stages 1 and 2

  • Preliminary design and evaluation of different subsea development alternatives for stand-alone development
  • Prepare seafloor architecture for all development alternatives
  • Perform preliminary flowline routing based on desktop geophysical survey results
  • Perform steady state and transient flow assurance analysis to provide preliminary assessment of flowline insulation and system operability requirements
  • Evaluate impact of co-development versus phased development of different pay zones (including pre-investment options)
  • Constructability assessment
  • Provide +30% CapEx estimate and execution schedule

Chevron – Angola Block 14 – Gabela

  • Preliminary design and evaluation of different development scenarios for deepwater heavy oil discovery
  • Remote tieback to OBO facilities
  • Stand-alone development
  • Analyzed six scenarios for Gabela
  • Will use electric submersible pumps for artificial lift
  • Variety of vessels types evaluated:
    • drilling rig FPS
    • Multi-use FPSO
    • Tie-back to Kuito FPSO
  • Scope
    • Field architecture
    • Flow assurance / field operability
    • Flowline specification (size and insulation)
    • Submersible pump evaluation (ESP – HSP)
    • Topsides host interface requirements
    • Capital cost and schedule estimates
    • Installation assessment

Chevron – Angola Block 14 – Lianzi pre-FEED

  • Concept feasibility study for deepwater discovery
  • Multiple development scenarios included:
    • infield FPSO
    • long-distance tiebacks to company-operated host facilities
    • co-development options
    • Multi-phase pump and downhole gas lift artificial lift options assessed
  • Innovative concepts for hydrate management developed for single production flowline options
  • Study extended to evaluate cost/benefit of electric heating and to assess impact of electric heating requirements on subsea and topsides facilities

Shell – Gumusut and Bonga Southwest

  • Power / comm / controls analyses for Malaysia and Nigeria discoveries

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Chevron Frade Field Expansion

  • Identification and analysis of field development alternatives for P10-50-90 recoverable reserves scenarios 
  • Review of existing subsea facilities
  • Gap analysis with respect to expansion
  • Gap analysis with respect to existing major capital project specifications versus new corporate engineering standards
  • Development of subsea architecture and layouts 
  • Capital cost and schedule estimates

Chevron (CABGOC) Lucapa Field Development

  • Evaluation of base case in-field FPSO with multiple drill centers tied back and associated gas export pipeline
  • Separate evaluation of subsea tieback to existing compliant tower, requiring 1300+ ST additional topsides

Chevron (CABGOC) Kuito Field Extension

  • Process train definition for replacement FPSO
  • Evaluation of existing utilities
  • Support for Peer Assist and DRB

Chevron (CABGOC) GS November Bridge Study

  • Structural analysis of current condition
  • Identification of repair and replacement alternatives
  • Cost and schedule development for competing alternatives
  • Evaluation of alternatives and recommendation for preferred alternative

Chevron (CABGOC) Malongo Produced Water Outfall Line

  • Existing line severely corroded
  • New scope involves HDPE line with diffuser