Detailed Design

 Shell – Bonga

  • Flowline mechanical design, routing, and stability studies
  • Insulation system for PIP flowlines and WISP SCRs
    • Specification
    • Vendor qualification
    • Thermal analyses
    • Technical reviews and recommendations
    • System qualifications (including tests)









  • Aspen subsea control system modifications and well commissioning support




Total – Matterhorn Gas Export Repairs

  • Evaluation of production re-routing and repair alternatives, and detailed design of pipe spools.

Anadarko – East Cameron 359

  • Plugged flowline investigation and remediation


Addax Kita Marine Platform and Pipelines


  • Conductor-supported deck
  • Export flowline
  • Doris, Inc. team embedded with Lagos engineering contractor to lead engineering effort


Merchant Energy Partners – East Cheyenne Gas Storage

  • Detailed design and procurement support for depleted reservoir natural gas storage facility
  • Injection/withdrawal capacity 50 MMSCFD with max capacity of 350 MMSCFD at full build-out