Management Team

President – Jim Fairbairn
Vice President of Projects – Sarah Tucker
Vice President of Umbilicals/Risers/Flowlines Group – Rick Haun
Vice President of Surface Facilities Engineering – Joaquin Serrano

Jim Fairbairn – President

Sarah Tucker – Vice President of Projects (Back to top)

Sarah Tucker joined Doris in 2011 as Group Vice President – Project Operations. With over 30 years in the oil and gas industry, Ms. Tucker’s experience includes extensive leadership positions for projects ranging from engineering studies to multi-billion dollar EPC projects, both domestic and foreign. Ms. Tucker is a registered professional engineer in the State of Texas, and an active board member of Rice University’s Engineering and Construction Global Forum. She is a graduate of Lamar University, and has completed graduate work at Rice University and University of Houston.

Rick Haun – Vice President of Umbilicals/Risers/Flowlines Group (Back to top)

Mr. Haun joined Doris, Inc. in June 2011 He has over 40 years of experience in analysis and design of subsea systems for oil and gas field developments, with particular focus on offshore pipelines, multi-phase flowlines, and rigid and steel catenary risers. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas and a Penn State alumnus. Prior to joining Doris, Mr. Haun was the Owner/General Manager of ED&M, co-founder and Director of Technology for OPE, and Engineering Department Manager for OPI. His project assignments have included the US Gulf of Mexico, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South America. Mr. Haun has been awarded US and foreign patents pertaining to offshore floating systems and berths, riser components, installation systems and LNG cryogenic transmission.

Joaquin Serrano – Vice President of Surface Facilities Engineering (Back to top)

Mr. Serrano joined Doris, Inc as Group Vice-President – Surface Facilities Engineering in 2011 He is a registered Professional Engineer in Kansas, with over 30 years in the power and oil & gas industries. Prior to joining Doris, he was employed by Iv-AGA (formerly known as HFG Engineering US, Inc),where he worked on a variety of capital projects, from conceptual feasibility studies through to complete facilities detailed design, procurement, fabrication, installation, hookup, and commissioning. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Kansas.